Andy Rooney and Machinists Versus Blackjack Dealers

Generally, I’m neither a fan nor a critic of Andy Rooney’s commentary on CBS’s show “60 Minutes” but everyone once in awhile I think the gets things just about right.

The other night Andy, whose job I guess is to be provocative, dropped this little word bomb:

There’s only so much money in the world and if it’s lost at a gambling table, it’s money that isn’t spent on things America makes. I mean who’s best for this country – a machinist at an automobile plant in Detroit or a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas?


I don’t know about you but for my money’s worth the US of A has been investing a bit too heavily – almost exclusively – in its “finance industries” for the last 2-3 decades and not nearly enough in its manufacturing sector.

So score one for Andy for putting it succinctly, if not politically correctly. The US most definitely needs to recapture jobs and market share in the manufacturing sector.

More jobs for machinists! More industries employing machinists!