Does The Emergence of CNC Machining Mean More Or Fewer Jobs For Machinists

I was just scanning the jobs board for machinist jobs / listings by using their search box and the search word “machinist”. I was pleased to see more than 1,000 job listings for “machinists”. Looking at the listings I saw numerious openings referring to CNC. I saw fewer specific references to “manual machinist”, but […]

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Andy Rooney and Machinists Versus Blackjack Dealers

Generally, I’m neither a fan nor a critic of Andy Rooney’s commentary on CBS’s show “60 Minutes” but everyone once in awhile I think the gets things just about right. The other night Andy, whose job I guess is to be provocative, dropped this little word bomb: There’s only so much money in the world […]

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Retiring Machinists and Job Openings for Machinists

Interesting read: I searched Google news for “machinist” and, besides the various stories about strikes or accidents one news search result that stood out were snippets of news about machinists that had retired or were retiring. Why is this noteworthy? Well, as a country that proposes to get back into the “making things” game, a/k/a […]

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