Alrighty, mabye it's just the time of day but do you ever get the feeling, when watching CNC machining in operation, that it's a Matrix-like case of "machines building machines"? Here's a video of the CNC machining of a motor (engine) block. The machining of the engine block actually occurs in the second half of [...]

Canyon Hydro has announced it completed a major expansion to its manufacturing facility, including a 7-axis CNC milling machine capable of maintaining extremely tight tolerances on Canyon’s hydroelectric turbines. Canyon Hydro is now the only turbine manufacturer in North America with the capability to deliver this level of accuracy on Pelton turbines. Their new CNC [...]

In order to understand where CNC Machining first appeared, it is important to note that the said machine’s advent can be traced back to the invention of the NC (numerical controlled) machine made by John T. Parsons during the 1940s-1950s. The NC was a breakthrough invention that led the way towards modern automated machines. Together [...]