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Vo-Tech Precision Machining Program Marketing

While I’m on the topic of using video to market machine shop services here’s a little side trip to demonstrate how video is being used to promote a vo-tech’s precision machining educational program.

Take a look at this video, produced by or for the Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School’s precision machinging program. It’s less than 3 minutes but in that short time, via some fast-cut edits, audio and various other camera work the school is able to effectively convey the following:

The Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School’s offers a 3 year precision machinging program that can lead to jobs as a

  • Machinist
  • Automotive machinist
  • CNC machine tool operator
  • CNC set up person
  • CNC programmer
  • Maintenance machinist
  • Mould maker
  • Die Maker
  • It’s a “project based program”, which presumably means that the student learns by hands-on doing that mimics real production in a machine shop.

    The programs first year include learning basic measuring, layout, drilling, sawing and lathe-work.

    The second year includes milling machines and surface grinders, heat treating materials and work with new materials.

    The third year includes computer numerical control (CNC) programming experience and working with computer aided manufacturing software. This includes time spent in the schools computer lab using their PCs to design CNC projects.