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Trends in Machine Tool and Machining Equipment Exports

In a global scope, news about machine exports varies in most countries. In the United States, the current administration announced that they will push Congress to merge controls on exports of goods with military applications. For the sake of tougher security, it would also mean that the existing rules may push some company factories out of the country. The National Association of Manufacturers estimated that the outcome may cut $100 billion worth of exports.

Representative Ike Skelton of Missouri said that directing the export of technologies is essential to national security; however, it cannot be truly effective if the system has “gaps and inconsistencies across agencies.” Like what most of the industry sectors experienced in 2009, the machine tools industry had a sluggish time in consumption and distribution of manufacturing technology. Since the machine tool industry is the root of other technological industries, most companies are still struggling to recover from the economic downturn.

On the other side of the world, Taiwan machine industries’ outlook is positive. Reports that came out on the 1st of April 2010 stated that tool producers have welcomed a change in their products to meet the current fluctuating demands. With the emphasis on reducing secondary machining to capitalize on cost efficiencies, machine tools producers have upgraded technologies sprouting various relevant products. Taiwan industries utilized current machine tools to produce materials such as chain-link fence, expanded metal, metal conveyor belt, metallic netting, perforated metals, and many more.

Even though several machining industries have been hit hard by recent financial crisis, the condition varies from country-to-country, depending on which company can rise on top. So far, the race has been steady with exports adjusting to the overall economic atmosphere. As far as change is concerned, industries should learn how to deal with them, whether economical or environmental, in order to answer the demands of its buyers.

The Machine Tool Industry

The machine tool manufacturing industry is one of the biggest in the country (perhaps even in the world), and is also essential for the investment goods sector as it provides the principal industrial equipment base for the manufacturing industries.