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Machining Videos And Online Machine Shop Marketing 101

I just came across these four short videos at Sertec Precision Machining:

  • CNC Machining Center (CNC_Machining_Center.MPG 2.8MB)
  • CNC Mill (CNC_Mill.MPG 1.5MB)
  • Lathe (Lathe.MPG 1.36MB)
  • Automatic Feed Cutoff Saw (Automatic_Saw.MPG 1.36MB)

The four videos, found at the link above, offer a non-narrated close up view of what is presumably equipment running at the Sertec machine shop.

As anyone with any mechanical savvy and skill knows, getting the job done right is often a matter of having the right tools for the job. In this case, when it comes to the future of machine shop marketing, your toolset will need to include the hardware and software necessary to deliver messages about your company over the Web via text, images and video.

Kudos to the company for taking the first step of adding video to their site. The videos are nothing fancy, and it might be better to host the videos elsewhere (YouTube.com, Vimeo, etc.) where the display options would be greater, but like everything else it’s a start. It probably took a bit of “sure, I/we can do that” courage by one of the Web savvy machinists . . or their or the owner’s son or daughter. . or it took a savvy website designer to convince the owner “it’s time to advance our marketing strategy”.