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Torchmate CNC Wins Prize – For Prettiest Receptionist

You can always tell when a company takes pride in its product, its services and its employees and I think Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems deserves a tip of the hat for hitting high marks on all three counts: pride of product, pride of service and pride of employees, and from what I can observe the faces of the employees would indicate that they feel good working for Torchmate.

But, I just gotta tell ya, although I know that receptionists are often a matter of a company “putting its best face forward” I was not expecting to see Monica, whose image in linked to, but not visible, on Torchmate’s “About Us” page. (To see Monica you gotta click the “Receptionist” link.)

Whatever she’s selling I think I’m buying . . by the container shipment.

Now, really, I know that a good receptionist needs all manner of skills – people skills, communication skills, anger management skills, etc. – but it doesn’t hurt to have an idea of the face behind the voice on the phone. ;)

Since I’m a bit up there in years I gotta tell ya that “Rachel”, whose image is linked to under the “Marketing Department” link, is also easy on the eyes. Of course, we’re talking about my eyes.

I hereby award the Prettiest CNC Machining Systems Receptionist of the Month prize to Monica.

If you care to nominate the receptionist of your favorite machining related business for future consideration please post the relevant information below here in the comments section. Unfortunately, to deter spamming, we require registration to post.