Alrighty, mabye it's just the time of day but do you ever get the feeling, when watching CNC machining in operation, that it's a Matrix-like case of "machines building machines"? Here's a video of the CNC machining of a motor (engine) block. The machining of the engine block actually occurs in the second half of [...]

While I'm on the topic of using video to market machine shop services here's a little side trip to demonstrate how video is being used to promote a vo-tech's precision machining educational program. Take a look at this video, produced by or for the Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School's precision machinging program. It's less than [...]

I just came across these four short videos at Sertec Precision Machining: CNC Machining Center (CNC_Machining_Center.MPG 2.8MB) CNC Mill (CNC_Mill.MPG 1.5MB) Lathe (Lathe.MPG 1.36MB) Automatic Feed Cutoff Saw (Automatic_Saw.MPG 1.36MB) The four videos, found at the link above, offer a non-narrated close up view of what is presumably equipment running at the Sertec machine shop. [...]