In a global scope, news about machine exports varies in most countries. In the United States, the current administration announced that they will push Congress to merge controls on exports of goods with military applications. For the sake of tougher security, it would also mean that the existing rules may push some company factories out [...]

An Entrepreneur article entitled 2010 and 1/2 Trends to Watch specifies ten areas that discusses issues quaking today’s society. One aspect of the article features recent updates and trends in education since the global financial crisis, stating the vast numbers of people returning to school amidst a harsh economic climate. People find themselves hitting the [...]

As an initial impression, one can envision the machinist operating beside a hardware tool to produce and cut materials into its expected results. In a way, a machinist is no different than a traditional potter, taking away the excess clay to produce the required specifications of the company/client. However, this is not always the case [...]

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